How Does Water Get To My Tap?

Tap water safe

Your drinking water starts as one of two types, surface water or ground water.
Surface water is pumped from sources open to the atmosphere, rivers, reservoirs, lakes.  Your water is pumped from these sources.

Ground water is pumped from wells that are drilled into underground springs or aquifers.

The water is pumped out and sent to a treatment plant for purification.

Once it meets certain required health standards it is delivered to your business or home.umped out and sent to a treatment plant for purification.

It is sent to your tap through a sometimes massive system of underground pipes.

The problem with this system is that many impurities are not monitored, some are introduced during transportation from the treatment facility to your tap, and some are caused by the “disinfection” process itself.

All this process is not enough to remove the harmful dissolved salts like lead and arsenic present in the water which are dangerous for the health of kids and your family.

Even if all the above treatment is done, the water is not free from the deadly dissolved salts like arsenic, chlorine, mercury, lead and pesticides.

You can normally install a traditional UV water purifier that removes deadly cysts and bacterium from the tap water but even the most powerful UV rays can not wash away the dissolved salts from the water.

Only and Reverse Osmosis purification system is capable of removing these deadly salts from the water and give you the safest Drinking water that you can drink and sleep well and live a happy life



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