Poison On Drinking Water Tap

Tap Water

Have you ever wondered about the water you’re drinking?

If you’re like most people you probably don’t give it a second thought.  You walk over to the faucet twist the handle or crack open the bottle and fill your glass with cool sparkling water.

But, the cleanest looking water is not necessarily the healthiest.

It’s true, many times the greatest dangers in our drinking water are those that we cannot see, smell, or even taste.

Impurities enter your water from a number of different sources.

Our modern world uses toxic synthetics and chemicals that can get into your drinking water when they’re buried underground or not disposed of properly.  The list of toxic dangers grows daily.

Other impurities can come from animal and human waste as well as naturally occurring substances. These pollutants are dangerous to your health when they get into your drinking water.

Add to the list a plethora of contaminants that are introduced while “purifying” your drinking water and delivering it to your home or business.

The system designed to transport clean water to your home can be another source of impurities.  Those pipes and dispensers age and deteriorate leeching toxins into your drinking water.

All, you have to is buy a RO Water purifier that has many benefits over the traditional water filters.

Last, our world is an ever increasingly dangerous place.  There are groups of people that wish to harm us.  How safe is our public water system from attack?


Awesome Benefits of Home Water Treatment Systems

Benifits of Water purifier

The first attempt to install water treatment system in the United States dates as far back as the late 1800s. The widespread threat of cholera in various states was the impetus that drove state governments to develop an effective means to eliminate hazardous organism from public water systems.  Before the official invention of the tap water filtration devices, mixing chlorine with the public water supply was the best means that scientists could ever come with. Despite its relative effectiveness and low application cost, putting chlorine into drinking water systems proved to be risky. Chlorine has been found dangerous not only to micro-bacterial organisms but also to people’s health. According to scientific research prolonged exposure to this substance can do significant damage to the body.

This is why the invention of modern tap water filtration system is recognized as one of the most revolutionary developments of the 21st century. The availability of water infiltration systems across America saved city dwellers from the health threats of perilous organisms as well as chlorine. Despite the introduction of commercial bottled water products, tap liquid is still regarded by many people as the primary source of refreshment and hydration. The current fitness trend in the country has made the demand for clean drinking water in every home high. Aside from regular exercise and a healthy diet, consuming sufficient amount of liquid is clinically proven to be very beneficial for the body. Bottled water manufacturers may claim that their products are pure and clean but liquid coming from an elaborate filtration system is definitely the safest. Compared to other types of liquid purification methods, a state-of-the-art filtration system is more capable in getting rid of toxins and contaminants from the water supply.

Benefits of  Tap Water Filtration Systems:

  • It Eliminates Toxins and Other Harmful Liquid Contaminants

Water treatment systems in various localities have been made available but this does not guarantee that the liquid you drink is free from bacteria and other dangerous organisms. By passing through advanced filtration facilities, common bacteria such as cryptosporidium found in drinking water are effectively eliminated. It goes without saying that by filtering the liquid that you drink, you can have better assurance and control over your health. Simply put, when you are pretty much aware about how your drinking water is processed, you will have one less thing to worry about in your daily existence.

  • It Improves the Taste of Potable Water

Aside from ensuring that the public only drinks safe liquid and nothing less, the availability of filtration systems also provide people drinking water that is free of chlorine. Chlorine, as many of you have probably experienced, affects the taste of potable water. Since filtration facilities lower the levels of purifying chemicals such as chlorine in your drinking water, you and your family will never have to put up with foul-tasting liquid anymore. With all the possible toxin and impurities eliminated, you will drink nothing but clean and healthy potable water.

  • It Eliminates Dangerous Lead Traces

As untreated liquid travels from the main source and into your homes, the possibility of lead traces contaminating the water supply is very high. Even if your drinking water has passed through elaborate treatment and purifying facilities, this is still not a guarantee that lead will not contaminate it. In fact, many cases of lead exposure and poisoning have been attributed to the consumption of tap water. Children, especially those that are of very young age, are very much vulnerable to lead exposure. Aside from getting sick upon consumption of lead contaminated water, some may even lose their lives if not given proper medical attention.

This is the main reason why running water through a high quality filtration system is very important. It gets rid not only of lead traces but also any other toxins that may pose danger to your health. It also improves taste making and smell.  Currently, there are three main types of tap water filtration systems that are in wide use all over the country.

Three Major Types of Home Water Filters

  • Ultraviolet Sterilization

Ultraviolet or UV sterilization is regarded as one of the most efficient water filtration method. Though the use of UV rays, harmful protozoa, parasites, bacteria, and even viruses are effectively eliminated. This makes UV treated water very much suitable even for young children who have sensitive stomachs.

  • Ceramic Filter Treatment

Basically, ceramic filters are integrated or combined with the main tap water filtration system. This helps get rid of bacteria as well as other suspended particles from the water supply. Ceramic filters usually measure 0.22 micrometers or even less. Carbon is also used in conjunction with carbon filters to further enhance its purifying capacity. He only downside with this type of filtration system is that the process may took some time to complete. Despite being one of the cheapest filtration options, ceramic filters can only clean a limited amount of liquid on a daily basis.

  • Reverse Osmosis

Using reverse osmosis on the other hand is considered as a versatile filtration method. It has been proven to be highly effective in eliminating bacteria as well as dissolved salts. The miniscule pores of the membrane of this particular filtration system are tiny enough to block bacteria from contaminating your drinking water. Additional purifying methods, however, is required to further augment the effectiveness of this system. Prolonged use of this system may also diminish its purifying capability.

  • Carbon Filter Treatment

Carbon has been known as one of the most powerful absorbent found in nature. Due to its absorbent properties, carbon is regarded as a very effective purifying agent. Carbon filters are very much suitable in removing chemicals such as chlorine in the water supply. Impregnating active carbon with silver further improves its capability to filter various micro-organisms in the water.  Active carbon filter can also be combined with other filtration method. You can find the best water purifiers here

The importance of accessible drinking water has been often neglected because it is always there. Back in the early days of America, potable water is a luxury. Thanks to various developments in science and technology as primarily exemplified by the development of different tap water treatment systems, that clean drinking water has now become available to everyone.